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The best way of supporting your local railway service and station is by joining the SLPG. By being a member you help your railway line and community even more because your membership adds weight to the representations that we (SLPG) make to Train Operators and Local Authorities on your behalf.

Why not join the SLPG and help us improve our train service and route?

The more users of the train service along the route that join us the more influence we have in our discussions with the Train Operators, local transport authorities and Network Rail. We already do lots of things to support our line from encouraging users to join station adoption groups through to raising more significant issues that require consideration and investment.

Have your say

We are always open to new ideas and welcome constructive criticism, if there is something that you think we are not very good at, shouldn’t be doing or could do much better, then tell us as a member. It’s up to you how much you want to be involved but by just joining us your help is significant because it grows our membership and that means that when we speak, those that need to hear listen to what we are saying. Please don’t leave it to others, come on board and join your rail user group, together we can all achieve much more.

we welcome donations of any amount

Join the SLPG or make a donation

You can join the Shakespeare Line Promotion Group here, paying securely on-line. Membership is just £5 a year (£4 for concessions). Please select one of the options below. If you would prefer to join and pay by cheque you can download our membership application form below and complete it following the instructions on the form.

In order to keep you informed please complete the optional email and postal address details during the online payment process.

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we welcome donations of any amount

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The information you provide will be stored electronically by the Membership Secretary of the Shakespeare Line Promotion Group (SLPG). Your contact details will be used to keep a record of your membership of SLPG, to send you the twice yearly newsletter of SLPG and to send you an annual subscription reminder by email or post. The information, which includes all the personal information you have provided will NOT be made available to any third party.

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Help us to help you

Membership is just £5 a year (£4 for concessions) and for that you help us continue to function and ensure our train services reflect what the users want. As a member you get to tell us what you think, raise issues or suggest ideas and you’ll be kept informed through our two newsletters a year setting out all the things that we have done and are doing to support the railway, its services and the people that use it.

We are a voluntary group and therefore are reliant on the support from those that use the railway service, please give it some serious thought and if you can please join us and by so doing help us keep up the work we are committed to in seeking better train services and facilities for our line and its users.



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