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16 November 2020

Changes to Chiltern Railways services

A number of Chiltern Railways services to/from London Marylebone have been withdrawn until 2 December 2020. Please click on this link for details: Changes to Train Times | Planned Changes | Chiltern Railways.

23 October 2020

A new timetable will come into effect on Monday, 26 October 2020 and remain in force until further notice. Peak-time travel and school trains have been prioritised in the new schedule and ALL departure times on the Snow Hill lines will be changed, so please check before travelling. The new Snow Hill line timetables can be accessed by clicking on this link: https://www.westmidlandsrailway.co.uk/sites/default/files/assets/download_ct/20201008/mGcd-GU4vEoXB_VZdXon1cz9teoxcD8TfbkZbkaJRXo/snow_hill_lines_monday_-_sunday_web_ready.pdf 

16 October  2020

Arriva CrossCountry franchise extended

The government has announced that Arriva CrossCountry will continue to operate cross-country train services until October 2023. Stretching from Aberdeen to Penzance and from Stansted Airport to Cardiff, CrossCountry’s network is the most geographically extensive passenger rail franchise in Great Britain. It calls at over 100 stations and connects seven of Britain’s ten largest cities.

4 October 2020

SLPG Launches Friends of the Shakespeare Line

It’s incredible to think that in 1969, and again in 1984, the then British Rail tried to close the railway line between Birmingham and Stratford upon Avon. Our precedessor organisation the North Warwick Line Defence Committee led the fight and stopped the proposed closures, indeed in 1969, closure was stopped within only two days of the last timetabled train! read more.

10 November 2020

West Midlands Trains Business Update

The latest edition of the ‘West Midlands Trains Business Update – November 2020’  newsletter is now available and can be accessed by clicking here.  Plain text versions are also available on request.

13th May 2020: SLPG continues to function through Covid-19 Emergency & Annual General Mevembereting Cancellation.

The Committee meeting of SLPG that was due to take place on 17 March 2020 and the next Committee due to take place before 13 May 2020 were both cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions that prevent gatherings of more than two people.

In response to this situation the Committee conducted a “virtual” meeting on 28 April 2020 so as to enable it to continue to function.

Consequently, the Committee adopted the following positions in relation to temporary governance and the Annual General Meeting.

Temporary Governance of SLPG

It is appropriate to enable SLPG to continue to function despite the Covid-19 restrictions while adhering to all requirements arising from the restrictions.

The SLPG Committee adopted the following position;

“The Committee, in recognising the potential long-term effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic and related social distancing and self-isolation requirements have cancelled its March and May 2020 Committee Meetings. Members of the Committee will meet virtually through a process of SLPG reports, consideration and online decisions that will subsequently minuted until further notice which will be led by the requirements as set out by HM Government”

Annual General Meeting Cancellation & Committee Election

The SLPG Committee adopted the following position

“That the Committee, in recognising the potential long-term effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic and related social distancing and self-isolation requirements, cancel the Annual General Meeting of SLPG for 2020 and confirms that the currently elected Committee continue until the AGM of 2021 to be held in May. Further, that this decision receives any objection from a member of SLPG then the matter be referred to the next Committee Meeting of SLPG.

Peter Morris, who was co-opted by the Committee as Chairman, will continue as will Diane Myring as Treasurer, Susan Young as Membership Secretary and Fraser Pithie as Secretary.

A full AGM report will be circulated to members with the next newsletter which will be published and sent out as soon as the current circumstances enable us to do.


Community Rail Officer for the Heart of England appointed

Julia Singleton-Tasker has been appointed as Community Rail Officer for the Heart of England Community Rail Partnership and started in her new role on Monday 6th January.

Having come from a background of working with different communities through teaching and personal training, Julia is looking forward to working with local communities and businesses to enhance the services already provided and to find opportunities to enthuse people about volunteering and communicating the benefits of having a station and a railway to be proud of.

She said: “I am looking forward to being a part of this exciting new phase for Community Rail in the Heart of England.  The benefits in other areas of the country provide a very positive picture for the future of Community Rail.”

Julia will be working with the three TOCs, the County, Borough and District Councils, West Midlands Rail Executive, and the established rail user groups under the guidance of a steering group. ACoRP – the Association of Community Rail Partnerships – will be providing her with invaluable expertise and training as she starts her new role.

Julia will be formally based at Warwickshire County Council but will be spending a lot of time out and about working with the communities and partners around the 37 stations in the partn

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